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If you want to urgently start the treatment of chronic prostatitis, place an order on the official website. in Romania it is an opportunity to get drops together with a free expert consultation.

How to order Prostovit?

Just fill out an application on the website and wait for a call from a consultant who will help you choose an individual course. Once an order is placed, the purchase will be shipped to the address provided. Now you have a great opportunity to save money and order the drug at a price of only L 159, which is -50% of its regular price.

Prostovit - innovative treatment of prostatitis

The prostate is the most important male organ responsible for reproductive functions and potency. According to studies, prostate disease in Romania is diagnosed in every 10 men. A sedentary lifestyle, weakened immunity, bad ecology, malnutrition, heredity, alcohol, smoking, sexual activity - all this affects her condition. Also at risk are men who have undergone pelvic surgery and infectious diseases.

Signs of prostatitis

As a result of inflammation of the prostate gland, the urethra is compressed, the outflow of urine is disturbed, which negatively affects the quality of life of men. Untreated prostatitis can lead to very serious consequences, such as a decrease in testosterone, potency, infertility and even cancer. That is why the treatment of chronic prostatitis, as well as its prevention, should begin as soon as possible.

The innovative new generation Prostovit will help to normalize prostate function, overcome pathogenic bacteria, eliminate inflammation and improve the quality of intimate life.

What is Prostovit

Drops Prostovit - a highly effective remedy on an all-natural basis. The plant components that make up its composition have a pronounced antimicrobial effect. They are aimed at destroying bacteria in the prostate and excretory system, which relieves the inflammatory process in the prostate and pain. These drops, unlike pharmaceutical preparations, eliminate the cause of the development of prostatitis, reduce the production of testosterone and completely restore the functions of the genitourinary system.

At the same time, the action of Prostovit is very gentle and does not cause any discomfort. It also improves potency and enhances sensations during intercourse.

How do Prostovit drops work?

  1. Already on the first day of admission, an improvement occurs and the inflammation begins to pass.
  2. Then the pain and burning sensation during urination disappear and the number of urges to the toilet decreases.
  3. Poisonous toxins are removed from the body and the pathogenic microflora is destroyed. The urination process is completely normalized.
  4. Prostate cells are saturated with vitamins and trace elements.
  5. Improves potency, increases the duration of intercourse and increases erection.

The benefits of the drug

Advantages of Prostovit drops

Composition of drops Prostovit

Buying Prostovit drops means providing fast prostatitis treatment

In the course of tests conducted by various scientific centers, it was proven that Prostovit provides stable remission and in 100% of cases leads to recovery in acute prostatitis.

Not so long ago, Romania issued a license to sell this drug. Now you can order drops on the official website. The price of Prostovit is now reduced to L 159 and view the cost in other countries. Don't delay, availability is limited!

Doctor's review

Doctor urologist Alexandru Ionut Alexandru Ionut
22 years old
In Romania, prostatitis is a very common disease. Treatment of chronic prostatitis always involves the use of antibiotics. Such serious drugs have a huge number of side effects. Recently, I have been recommending to my patients a safer treatment - drops with a natural composition Prostovit. The effect of the drug is felt after the first days of use. In addition, Prostovit has a prolonged effect and allows you to forget about the disease forever.